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  • <p>Kingston head north to start the season!</p>
    Taking stock of Stockton

    Kingston head north to start the season!

    17 Dec 2016 - 17:10
  • <p>Mystery drummer joins Kingston in City Loop&nbsp;</p>
    Better, not worse, at Worcester

    Mystery drummer joins Kingston in City Loop 

    19 Sep 2016 - 14:40
  • <p>Kingston paddlers sport GB kit and bling at Nottingham&nbsp;</p>
    International success for Kingston paddlers

    Kingston paddlers sport GB kit and bling at Nottingham 

    2 Sep 2016 - 14:31
  • <p>&nbsp;we live by the river ...&nbsp;</p>
    London calling!

     we live by the river ... 

    19 Jul 2016 - 07:21


We love training and the more the better, we train together as a club on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and often with a summer bonus session on Thursdays.


In the summer we can't get enough time on the water and are out as a club on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and on Saturday mornings.  In winter we're on the water on Saturday morning and in the gym on Tuesday evenings.  Attending training is part of the fun of dragon boat racing and we like to see you down lots, particularly in the run up to race events. We've also got lots of small boats (O1s) that you can use for individual training at any time of the week.  It would be an unusual day in the life of Kingston Royals if there weren't people out training at some time or another, from the early birds at 6:00am onwards to the night hawks still going at 8:00pm.  The club caters for a whole range of abilities and training needs from complete beginners doing one or two sessions a week up to GB paddlers doing eight to ten sessions a week. 


We use the club paddling sessions to do video analysis, detailed analysis of paddling and technical talks on topics such as training, racing, diet, bladework and the energy systems involved in padling and mental training skills.  Summer usually sees us out doing race distance practice pieces and speedwork whilst winter is devoted to longer distance endurance training.


In winter we run an upper body circuits session on Tuesday night, great for general and paddling fitness and getting that all rounded toned and gorgeous look.  There's also a women's weights sessions on Tuesday evenings before the main session for women interested in strength training. 


Our club coaches are available to all members to help set up fitness programmes, train you how to use an O1 and give general advice on fitness, diet and all things paddling related.


On Saturdays there are tea, sandwiches and cake (including lemon drizzle and chocolate coconut) down at the club after training and the opportunity to mix with any rowers, kayakers and skiffers that are around.  On Tuesdays we go off to the noodle house up the road to catch up on the gossip, mull over the training session and plan for the weeks ahead.

Club Training Schedule

Saturday 9:15am Dragon Boat session
Tuesday 7:15pm Dragon Boat session
Tuesday 6:00pm to 7:15pm Women's heavy weights
Thursday 7:15pm Dragon Boat session
Saturday 9:15am Dragon Boat session
Tuesday 7:15pm Gym circuits session
Tuesday 6:00pm to 7:15pm Women's heavy weights


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