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  • <p>Kingston head north to start the season!</p>
    Taking stock of Stockton

    Kingston head north to start the season!

    17 Dec 2016 - 17:10
  • <p>Mystery drummer joins Kingston in City Loop&nbsp;</p>
    Better, not worse, at Worcester

    Mystery drummer joins Kingston in City Loop 

    19 Sep 2016 - 14:40
  • <p>Kingston paddlers sport GB kit and bling at Nottingham&nbsp;</p>
    International success for Kingston paddlers

    Kingston paddlers sport GB kit and bling at Nottingham 

    2 Sep 2016 - 14:31
  • <p>&nbsp;we live by the river ...&nbsp;</p>
    London calling!

     we live by the river ... 

    19 Jul 2016 - 07:21

When and where do you race and train?

We race as part of the National League events run by the British Dragon Boat Association which are held all around the country every two to three weeks between April and September.  A full programme of events can be found on the events page.
 We train as a crew on Saturday mornings at 9.15 am and Tuesday evenings at 7.15 pm down at our clubhouse in Teddington.  Through the summer we also train Thursday evenings on the water.  In the summer both sessions are on the water and in the winter the Tuesday session is in the gym.  O1s (individual training boats), paddling machines and the weights gym are available for club members to use at other times. More training details can be found on our when and where pages.

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